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February 8, 2019 before 18:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST): abstract submission deadline  CALL FOR PAPERS 
March 8, 2019: Notification date

Papers should be submitted to the following email address: boutiquescp2019@hec.ca


Due to the recent introduction of several new technologies, consumers are facing a multitude of technical innovations in the marketplace, such as smart devices, automated cars, robots, intelligent assistants, the sharing economy and the Internet of Things. This SCP boutique conference will offer a unique opportunity to better understand consumers’ response to these innovations and to engage in a conversation to delineate further research directions related to consumers and technology. Some examples of questions include (but are not limited to): What are the determinants leading to the trial, adoption or avoidance of these innovations? How do consumers manage the uncertainty attached to these experiences? What is their perception of solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and how should they be presented to facilitate learning and the adoption process? What is the impact of technology on consumer self-perception, goals, motivation, and well-being? What are the ethical dilemmas raised by the growing role of intelligent algorithms in different domains such as health, finance, insurance or banking?

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